Yasmin Dressage provides many services and services related to the sport of dressage. A unique concept where we cater to all your questions and needs in one place. Of course you can always choose to use only those services you currently need. Yasmin Dressage will gladly create a custom made package for you.

  • training

    Yasmin Dressage is a training and competition stable for dressage horses, both for professional and semi-professional riders who want to attend large events and those who consider the sport only as a very fun and active hobby. For all levels we offer top class facilities and coaching where fun and pleasure always come first.

  • kwalitatief hoogwaardig

    We also provide high-quality board for your horse or pony. Of course, all-inclusive with food, cleaning, daily paddock/pasture outings and all the necessary guidance to ensure that your animal stays in top condition. We can also take care of transportation with our own trailers.

  • gekwalificeerde instructeurs dressuurtrainingen

    Yasmin Dressage provides dressage training with a team of qualified instructors for anyone who wants to improve their riding skills. For beginners and advanced students and both young and old. After an intake lesson we put together a tailored instruction package that helps realize your goals and aspirations as efficiently as possible but especially also whilst having as much fun as possible. Instruction can take place both in our own state of the art dressage stables and on location.

  • trainen dressuurpaarde

    We train dressage horses of all levels and from foal to Grand Prix level. The individual capabilities and health of the animal always come first. By using clear conditioning techniques that are based on our years of experience you will be amazed at how far you can get in close cooperation with your horse and how much satisfaction that can give to both animal and rider.

  • Riding at top level requires more than just the best dressage training. Competition preparation, mental toughness, specific conditional training and core stability of the rider, knowledge of food, transportation, jury reviews and dozens of other factors play an equally important role. Yasmin Dressage incorporates all these things into her training concepts and is therefore eminently specialized in guiding young talents to the highest levels of dressage.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body goes a famous saying and at Yasmin Dressage we endorse that philosophy completely. Not only at Grand Prix level, but in every interaction with your horse positive psychology is very important. Through personal guidance based on an equal one-to-one relationship we help you feel more confident whilst riding and to better understand your own behavior and the interaction with your horse.

  • The health of your animal is of course always the most important thing. Therefore Yasmin Dressage works closely together with a carefully selected team of doctors and physiotherapists to ensure that your horse is and above all always remains in optimum condition and health.

  • Throughout the year, Yasmin Dressage also provides dressage clinics. Perfect for clubs and riding schools who want to provide something extra for their members or customers but also for companies and groups of individuals who want to connect in an informal way with dressage. The clinics are offered both in our dressage stable in Noordbeemster as well as on location. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Honestidad Intelectual
  • We commit ourselves individually and collectively to achieve the level of training and services that clients expect from us.

  • Constantly looking critically at our organization ensures that we are in a continuous improvement process. We are always looking for new processes and new technologies so that we and our customers remain at the forefront of dressage.

  • Our training methods are based on instrumental learning: a combination of challenge and reward incentives that help the animal to start showing certain behaviors in challenging situations spontaneously without requiring negative pressure is needed and where the horse also enjoys his tasks.

  • Allows us to earn your trust and maintain it. This principle is at the basis of everything we do.

Yasmin Dressage

Our Team

A team of professionals led by Yasmin Kalkhuis runs Yasmin Dressage. Yasmin is a Grand Prix rider and has been active in competitions since 1992. She has trained with top coaches such as Sjef Janssen, Jan Peeters, Tineke Bartels and Anky van Grunsven. Of course Yasmin has her ORUN diplomas and she has been working as a qualified instructor ever since 2002.

Yasmin Dressage


Middenweg 25, 1463 HB Noordbeemster, The Netherlands